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Tuesday 06 December 2011

RCS is driving forward sustainable cleaning

RCS Chairman, Terry Carrigan said: "The business is built on trust, quality and continuous improvement and has grown through referrals and personal recommendations. "We’re proud of our reputation in the community and in sustainability and our aim is to replace conventional chemical based cleaning products with effective, high performance, sustainable cleaning solutions."

RCS Managing Director David Sambrook said: "Initially we carried out extensive, controlled trials of sustainable cleaning products on selected sites.

"This summer we completed those trials and received very positive feedback from the clients who were involved. We work closely with our clients on their environmental objectives and we wanted a product range that did more than just reduce any harm to the environment; we were looking for a sustainable cleaning solution."

The sustainable cleaning products being used by RCS:

  • have a proven track record
  • do not pose any health risks
  • surpass international health and environmental standards
  • are 90% biodegradable in just 14 days.

David continued, "the results of the trials were excellent and these products are now being used extensively across our sites.

"We are continuing to work with our clients and hope to achieve a 100% conversion rate by early in the New Year.

"Further value has been added because we have been able to totally rationalise our product range.

"One product can be used for many tasks and by using refillable dispensers we have dramatically reduced the number of plastic containers going to landfill.

"Furthermore, any chemical contamination to the water system from conventional cleaning solutions will be completely eliminated."