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Monday 11 September 2017

Paula's Case Study


We would like to share a story of success and determination. A story we hope will inspire you to develop your career within the company. At Regular Cleaning, we put our people first - we focus on training, staff welfare, staff retention and motivation. 

Paula is one of our Star Supervisors, Paula is from Colombia and came to the UK 8 years ago, 5 of which she has spent with Regular Cleaning. Paula studied to be a Commercial Engineer in Colombia, but had to stop her studies and come to work in the UK. 

Her first job within Regular Cleaning was as a Cleaning Operative in Canary Wharf area. After seeing her hard work and determination she was quickly promoted to a Supervisor, even though she had limited English skills at that time. However, her motivation for learning a new language and develop her career encouraged her to learn quickly and efficiently. Even though she didn't study English professionally, now she is a fluent English speaker. 

In 2012 Paula started to work as a Supervisor for one of our prestigious clients in the City of London and she was in charge of 13 people whilst only working 3 hours per day. In 2013 her hours increased to a total of 6 per day because the client was delighted with her job.  The following year she got a full-time job and the position as a daily janitor.

Last year she received wonderful feedback from the client and her contract manager. As a result of that her position upgraded to supervisor and she is now in charge of 17 people.

This year Paula felt that she needed some extra tools and knowledge for improving her career and she asked advice from the L&D Department. The company was delighted that Paula is eager to learn and develop so we offered her to take part in an ILM Leadership and Management Level 3 course. 

The course teaches Paula how to communicate with, motivate and manage a team, solve problems and plan changes in the workplace. She gets professional help from her assessor who supports her in every step of the program, whether it is a one to one session, a workshop or an assessment. 

Even though Paula enjoys her course, she faces a couple of challenges too. First of all, it sometimes feels difficult to study in English when it's not her first language, but she deals with this by seeking additional support. Secondly, she needs to manage her time very efficiently since she is studying and working full-time. 

With no doubt, the ILM Leadership and Management course will give Paula more tools to develop her career. Her aim is to continue to Level 5 and apply for a manager position at Regular Cleaning. We wish Paula every success and we support her in her development within the company.

At Regular Cleaning, we truly care about our employees and we always put our people first. Whether it is a personal or professional development you wish to take - speak with us, the L&D Team is always here to help and support you!